The Money Changers, Evil Then, Evil Now….

The cleansing of the Temple.

To begin I will state that I am an atheist. Religion on the other hand exist and most of it is good.  Religion is a construct of man, a derivative of culture, an attempt to provide rules and mores to enable man to inhabit a society civilly.  Societal existence requires, to some extent, that mans nature and freedoms are restrained. Religion was a natural evolution of mans wonder at the things currently unexplainable and the necessity of law. The squabbles and wars that have plagued man are not an outcome of religion but a happening despite religion.

There has, and do exist individuals who use religion to acquire wealth and power. These are evil people who pray on the innocents, ignorant, and naive. In fact the establishment of Christianity in some respect was in response to a corruption of Judaism.  One of Jesus’s first acts as he began his 3 1/2 year ministry in Jerusalem was to drive the corrupt money changers from the Temple. What exactly made the “money changers” corrupt? In order to find your way to gods favor and Olam HaBa, and to avoid Gehenna, sacrifices were required at the temple. The scheme employed by the “money changers” and those that sold oxen and sheep and doves was simple. A portion of the product of your effort alone was not sufficient. One of your own doves or some of the money you possessed would not suffice as a sacrifice. The worshiper needed to make his sacrifice with Temple coins or special doves blessed by the priest. Of course a fee was extracted for this magical transformation of your property into acceptable sacrificial “currency”. Jesus threatened this lucrative source of wealth of the Sanhedrin and as a result was put to death. Evil then.

Evil Now…As mans knowledge of the world increased and his superstition and wonder was replaced by science and reason, religious hold on the masses weakened and the secular state assumed most of the roles formally held by the religions of the world. Unfortunately, there still exist individuals who look to profit in both power and wealth by exploiting mans desire to be accepted by his current god or ruler.  Who are these evil men..  Once again they are the “money changers”.  In 1913, Congress authorized by Section 16 of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913[2] the issuance of Federal Reserve Notes and they are the only type of U.S. banknote currently produced.[1] ] and are issued to the Federal Reserve Banks at the discretion of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System.[3] The notes are then put into circulation by the Federal Reserve Banks,[4] at which point they become liabilities of the Federal Reserve Banks[5] and obligations of the United States.[3Federal Reserve Notes are legal tender, with the words “this note is legal tender for all debts, public and private” printed on each note.[6] They have replaced United States Notes, which were once issued by the Treasury Department. Now for the magic. They replaced money with a debt to themselves. That’s right, every note in your pocket is a loan to the “money changers” and bears the cost of interest. This interest earned is then rebated back to the the treasury every year. Notice they rebate and do not refund. The difference?  Rebate: a partial refund to someone who has paid too much money for tax, rent, or a utility. What portion is rebated and what portion is kept as profit?  We would need to audit the Fed to find out..The Primary Dealers are today’s “money changers”. Primary Dealers are trading counter-parties of the New York Fed in its implementation of monetary policy. They are also expected to make markets for the New York Fed on behalf of its official account holders as needed, and to bid on a pro-rata basis in all Treasury auctions at reasonably competitive prices.  Why would a firm want to become a Primary Dealer? Treasury securities can be bought and sold and used as collateral for interbank borrowings and for investments by both foreign and US citizens and companies. These securities trade at bid-ask spreads, and participants can engage in transactions with the Fed that are free of credit risk and make the bid-ask spread by redistributing securities and funds to other counter-parties throughout the banking system. Put simply, the Primary Dealers are directly involved on a day-to-day basis with the major determinant of interest rates in the Federal Funds market and therefore have inside knowledge of trade volumes, etc. This access was especially important when the Fed didn’t publicly announce changes in monetary policy, and bid-ask spreads were wider. It is likely becoming more important again today because of the widening bid-ask spreads, the increase in outstanding Treasury borrowings due to the stimulus programs, and the Fed engaging in quantitative easing, with the Federal Funds rate allowed to float between 0 and 25 basis points. 12 basis points x $600,000,000,000 (annual deficit) = $720,000,000 in risk-less profits on the underwriting alone. More debt is more money to the “money changers”. The stratistrophic rise in the debt of the USA is a designed transfer of wealth from the population to the owners of the Federal Reserve Bank and primary Dealers listed below…these are today’s “money changers”..

Primary Dealers
Bank of Nova Scotia, New York Agency

BMO Capital Markets Corp.

BNP Paribas Securities Corp.

Barclays Capital Inc.

Cantor Fitzgerald & Co.

Citigroup Global Markets Inc.

Credit Suisse Securities (USA) LLC

Daiwa Capital Markets America Inc.

Deutsche Bank Securities Inc.

Goldman, Sachs & Co.

HSBC Securities (USA) Inc.

Jefferies LLC

J.P. Morgan Securities LLC

Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith Incorporated

Mizuho Securities USA Inc.

Morgan Stanley & Co. LLC

Nomura Securities International, Inc.

RBC Capital Markets, LLC

RBS Securities Inc.

Societe Generale, New York Branch

TD Securities (USA) LLC

UBS Securities LLC.

Wells Fargo Securities, LLC

How did today’s “money changers” accomplish this theft. They employed the same mechanism that the Temple “money changers” used. In tandem with the priest, they preached and required sacrifice to ensure your well-being. They replaced the old “religions” with the new religion of the State. The charity of the poor box has been replaced by state sponsored charity; welfare, social security, medicare, Obamacare. If you do not agree with the existence or increase of these new methods of piety you are deemed to be less of a human. You are deplorable and reside out side the good graces of the “State”.  Just as the temple “money changers” began to take more and more profit for the benefit of themselves, at the expense of the people who were obliged to purchase “blessed” sacrifice animals, the new “money changers” take more and more profit for the benefit of themselves, at the expense of the people who were obligated and extorted to contribute to the social welfare programs that are voted in by those who benefit from them.. There are 120,000,000 people in the U.S. that receive means tested aid from the state (true believers). There are approximately 23,000,000 people who are city, state or federal government employees (the priest). Now consider those of your neighbors who also benefit from the existence of the new religion: teachers, Bankers, non-profit owners and employees whose business and jobs depend on or are benefits of government funding, all are blessed by the increase in debt necessary to fund those programs. Now the new Sanhedrin, the politicians and the Primary Dealers who preach for the expansion of those programs and the debt needed to fund them; are the beneficiaries… Trump threatens them, and will be thwarted and condemned by them… The scam of the Temple “money changers” seems so clear and evident today. We the people need to understand the motives of those that preach for the expansion of the debt that impoverishes you and your children at their benefit. We need to see today’s evil, today’s “money changers” scam……..

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