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Democrats Crossed The Rubicon With Their Failed Impeachment Coup.

The Democratic failed impeachment coup, based on fabricated lies, employing the FBI, CIA, and Democratic leaders in the Sente and House, is as significant an event as Cesar crossing the Rubicon. Both signaled an attack on the shining light of Republics. Have no doubt, both announced an open war on freedom and liberty. Cesar prevailed and put an end to a 500-year-old Republic. Will we let the Democrats prevail and end our 200 years of freedom?

That the Democrats participated in a coup is beyond doubt. Your democratic neighbor knows this is as true as you do. If they continue to support and vote for these Democrats, they are clearly telling you that your vote does not count. They are telling you that their desires are more important than your desires. They are telling you that you do not matter, all that matters is what they want. There is no cooperation. There is no desire to coexist. They have taken to the streets. They have perpetrated violence against those that would dare to disagree. Your democratic neighbor supports the burning and looting of your property, they endorse violence against you and yours.

The only issue that remains is how to respond. Their esteemed leader famously said; “if they bring a knife, we bring a gun”. Democrats have no hesitation in using “whatever means necessary” to bring about your enslavement to their desires. What will your response be?

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