It Is Time Hillary Supporters Provided The Answer As To Why Hillary Would Destroy Government Property And Delete Subpoenaed Emails?

It is time Hillary supporters were honest and answered the question;  why would Hillary delete government property and destroy emails after they were subpoenaed?  Why would any reasonable person obstruct justice, never mind as Secretary of State? What is so sensitive to you that you need to keep it from the eyes of Congress and the American people? What could it be that you would put yourself and staff in a position that they needed immunity to be questioned by the FBI. What could you be hiding that would cause even those with immunity to take the fifth instead of answering simple questions? Hillary destroyed government property after it was subpoenaed . Who does that? Would you hire that person as your accountant? Would you hire that person as your bookkeeper?

I am asking Hillary supporters to answer the questions; Why would Hillary delete and destroy government property? Why would she do so after a subpoena?


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