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Goldman Sachs Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving… To The Clintons

By now we all know that Goldman Sachs is the gift that keeps on giving to the Clintons. Whether it’s paying millions out for speeches, investing in family member’s failing hedge fund ventures, or donating hundreds of thousands to the Clinton Foundation, Goldman seems to be keeping a close relationship with the family.

What’s a more fun development to watch (other than to see Lloyd Blankfein lose money invested with a Clinton son-in-law) is how persistent The Intercept is being with Hillary about Goldman. Every chance it gets, The Intercept has a reporter asking Clinton about Goldman related items, and of course they never get an answer.

Earlier this year The Intercept caught up with Hillary and asked if the transcripts of the speeches given to Goldman would be released. Clinton’s response was just to laugh of course, because as we all know, those will never be released… on purpose anyway.

The Intercept: “Hi Secretary Clinton, will you release the transcript of your paid speeches to Goldman Sachs?”

Clinton: “Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha”

At a Clinton campaign rally in San Francisco last Thursday, The Intercept’s Lee Fang caught up with Clintonagain and this time wanted to ask about Goldman CEO Lloyd Blankfein’s investment in her son-in-law Marc Mezvinsky’s hedge fund Eaglevale Partners.

The Intercept: “Hi Secretary Clinton, do you know how much money Lloyd Blankfein invested in your son-in-law’s hedge fund?”

After being ignored multiple times, Clinton’s traveling press secretary Nick Merrill stepped to ask just what Fang was trying to find out more about.

Merrill: “Hey buddy how are you. What’s your name?”

The Intercept: “Lee Fang”

Merrill: “Hi I’m Nick, I’m her spokesperson. What are you trying to find out more about?”

The Intercept: “I want to know how much money Lloyd Blankfein invested in Marc Mezvinsky’s hedge fund. Do you know how much money Nick?”

Merrill: “I don’t know has it been reported?”

The Intercept: “No it hasn’t. Could you find out the amount for me?”

Merrill: “I don’t know what the amount is. You wanna give me your contact information?”

The Intercept: “So you’re gonna get back to me?”

Merrill: “I’ll email you right now”

* * *

Of course Merrill never got back, but that’s to be expected as the entire campaign continues to dodge any questions around the matter. The enjoyment that can be gained from watching The Intercept dog Clinton for answers is priceless however, and it’s nice to see that Goldman is the gift that keeps on giving to Clinton, especially as an inconvenience on the campaign trail.

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