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Who Is In Bed With Russia?

Which Party’s economics more closely resembles Russian economics? Which Party turned over half of Europe to Russia after WWII ? Which Party called for the unilateral disarmament of the USA? Which Party’s presidential candidate sought KGB help because he was ” “very troubled” by U.S.-Soviet relations, which he said was due to “Reagan” ? Which Party’s President said he would be “more flexible” after the elections? Which Party oversaw the transfer of 20 percent of US Uranium to Russia? Which Party’s candidate’s CF received $145 million from Russian agents? Which Party’s former president and husband of a presidential candidate received $500,000 for a speech from a Russian Bank? Which Party’s presidential candidate’s campaign head received $35 million in a KGB owned company’s stock.? Which Party’s campaign head’s brother is a registered lobbyist for Russian KGB owned companies? Which Party sat by idly allowing Russia to annex the Crimea? Which Party sat by idly and allowed Russia to establish a warm water sea port in the Mediterranean? Which Party failed to act when Russia crossed a Red Line In The Sand? Which Party is currently colluding with Russia to bring down the MAGA President?

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