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Yes There Was “Obstruction Of Justice” And Much Worse!!

Yes There Was “Obstruction Of Justice” And Much Worse!!

The obstruction of justice occurred before and during the 2016 presidential election. The Obama Administration,  Barak Obama, Loretta Lynch, James Comey, and Hillary Clinton, not only conspired to obstruct justice, they did so to conceal treasonous bribery and nefarious deals that were at the expense of United States national security.

Why a Hillary Clinton private email server? Employing and vetting an IT staff is not a convenience. It is obvious to all. The only reason to keep the email server in her house was to be able to make the incriminating 33,000 emails disappear. To be able to wipe them away, like with a cloth . Ha Ha..  Congressional subpoenaed emails destroyed. The definition of Obstruction of Justice.

Why did Obama knowingly allow the private email server? He sent emails under pseudonym.

What deals were made? There was the $145 million to the CF for 20% of US Uranium.  How about a “more flexible post election” Obama, the president of the USA not interceding as Putin annexed Crimea. The “more flexible post election” Obama had no retaliation to Putin’s crossing of his Red Line in the Sand and Russia establishing a warm water seaport in Syria.  Then there was the 1.5 Billion in cold hard untraceable cash to the top terror funding nation Iran. Why?? Why was it in cash? Why was it first exchanged from US Dollars into Swiss Franc? Not hard to imagine the reason an electronic trail was not desired. Not hard to imagine the desire to not have a sudden appearance of US Dollars in the hands of the wrong people.

During the 2016 election, Comey, already a known Clinton apologist (see Whitewater) , was once again to be the tool, the shield of obstruction for the Clinton’s. Not only was he going to purposely misrepresent the law concerning the handling of classified material, a law Hillary Clinton clearly is guilty of breaking; he was going to willfully play the pawn in misrepresenting the investigation as a “matter”. The very talking points of the Clinton campaign! He played his part in the charade. Bill met Loretta on the tarmac. Loretta rescuing her self. Distancing Obama. Comey now on point to obstruct justice, claiming there was no indite-able action by Hillary. A bad joke any one with an 8th grade reading comprehension could see was a lie.  (See 18 U.S. Code § 793 ).

Yes the guilty have attempted to paint the innocent with their guilt.




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