If you are celebrating the political damage Flynn’s resignation represents to President Trump, you should rethink what just happened. The attack and plan to remove Flynn, the so called investigation conducted by the CIA, FBI, and NSA, began as soon as it was apparent that Flynn would be NSA Advisor. Flynn was the spear point to Trump’s national security policy. He was charged with and was enthusiastically about to attempt to reform the US Intelligence Community. The groups that gave us Weapons of Mass Destruction, ISIS, and decades  of Global American military adventurism.. They represent the Military – Industrial Complex Eisenhower warned us about. HeRead More →

Submitted by Shaun Bradley via TheAntiMedia.org, In the shadow of Donald Trump’s spree of controversial actions, the European commission has quietly launched the next offensive in the war on cash. These unelected bureaucrats have boldly asserted their intention to crack down on paper transactions across the E.U. and solidify a trend that has been gaining momentum for years. The financial uncertainty amplified by Brexit has incentivized governments throughout Europe to seize further control over their banking systems. France and Spain have already criminalized cash transactions above a certain limit, but now the commission has unilaterally established new regulations that will affect the entire union. TheRead More →

When Do We Begin To Hold The Teachers Union Accountable???   1. Table of the Day I (above) shows a comparison of some key statistics in 1980 and 2014 for public elementary and secondary schools in the US based on data from the National Center for Educational Statistics here. During the 34-year period between 1980-2014, the number of public school students increased by 22.6% (and by 9.25 million). Over the same period, total staff headcount increased by 50.1% (and by 2.1 million), led by an 88.1% increase in school district administrative staff and followed by a 54.1% increase in instructional staff which included a 63.1%Read More →

Because It Is Wrong. The Facts::: Trump, or any president can ban Muslims or any other group of people. He can do so by asserting powers under the United States Code and the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952, which is the nation’s main immigration act. Under Title 8, Section 1182 of the U.S. Code, the president has authority to use a proclamation to suspend the entry of “any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States [who] would be detrimental to the interests of the United States,” for however long he deems necessary. This provision was included in the Immigration andRead More →

There is a reason the Constitution vests “the executive power” in a single person, the president. To read it otherwise is to invite the kind of chaos in executing the nation’s laws that the founders were determined to avoid. Ms. Yates’ correct path was to resign, if she felt as strongly as she did about the ban. However, she didn’t. She was canned because she refused to have the Justice Department defend the White House’s executive order temporarily putting a hold on entry into the US for citizens and refugees from seven Muslim-dominant countries. which was her job to do.. Although Ms. Yates stated sheRead More →

China has been on a skyscraper-building boom for years, but, we suspect, 2016 may have seen the mal-investment boom jump the shark. As Goldman Sachs illustrates in the following chart, China was head, shoulders, knees, and toes above the aggregate of the rest of the world in terms of skyscraper completions in 2016… Could record-setting skyscrapers signal economic over-expansion and a misallocation of capital? EWN Interactive, a subscription service focused on technical analysis, thinks so. The following infographic follows the “Skyscraper Curse” through six different market tops and subsequent crashes over the past century. It is gigantic in size, so please click here or the below imageRead More →

The last 4 months have seen something ‘odd’ happen in Europe’s periphery. Sovereign ‘risk’ has conspicuously (and rationally) risen as macro-fundamentals have deteriorated – something that we have not seen since Draghi’s 2012 “whatever it takes” moment. For the first time since June 2015, Italian youth unemployment has risen above 40% and notably, Italian bond yields are rising…   And the result is growing concerns about Italy’s idiosyncratic risk as the risk premium of BTPs over Bunds soars to its highest sicne 2014 (worst now than the Referendum peak)…   Time for moar “whatever it takes” – just ignore the transitory inflation surge and currencyRead More →

In order to sidestep and avoid Democratic obstruction with a Trump Supreme Court nominee; It is time Trump ordered Republicans Senators to employ  the “Constitutional Option” or Nuclear Option. The nuclear or constitutional option is a parliamentary procedure that allows the U.S. Senate to override a rule or precedent by a simple majority of 51 votes, instead of by a supermajority of 60 votes. The presiding officer of the United States Senate rules that the validity of a Senate rule or precedent is a constitutional question. They immediately put the issue to the full Senate, which decides by majority vote. The procedure thus allows the SenateRead More →

The ECB’s nationalization of the European corporate bond sector continues. In the ECB’s latest update, the six central banks acting on behalf of the Euro system provided an update on the list of corporate bonds they bought. They bought into 810 issuances with a total of €573bn in amount outstanding. For the week ending 27th January, the bond purchases stood at €1.9bn across sectors. This increases the number of securities held by the ECB to 813, and lift the ECB’s total corporate bond holdings to €58.82b, which means that as of the latest weekly data, the ECB now owns 10.2% of the total €575.42BN inRead More →

Submitted by Charles Hugh-Smith via OfTwoMinds blog, How about moving the power to create money from the apex of the pyramid down to its lowest level? Let’s spend a moment deconstructing the word “capitalism.” Note it contains the word Capital. So far so good. Obviously the key concept here is capital. So what is “capital”? It turns out there are multiple kinds of capital. The most familiar kinds are tangible: cash, orchards, factories, water rights, tools, and so on. Then there’s credit. If you have unlimited credit at very low rates of interest, you can buy all the tangible capital you want, as long asRead More →

I can understand the cost of healthcare rising as we have many new procedures and remedies that we are able to purchase. Healthcare that was not purchased 20 years ago. Cancer remedies, bionic joints. All of these are added purchases…What is responsible for the added cost of a K-12 and 4 year college education???Read More →

Barack Obama Is Now The Only President In History To Never Have A Year Of 3% GDP Growth Following today’s extremely disappointing US GDP growth data, we have the final nail in the coffin of President Obama’s economic reign. Not only is the average annual growth rate of just 1.48% during Obama’s business cycle the weakest of any expansion since at least 1949, he has just become the only President to have not had even one year of 3% GDP growth. An average annual GDP growth of 1.48% during Obama’s two terms…   As a reminder to a few blinkered media types, this means PresidentRead More →

Well, Trump slept on it, and… nothing changed. Confirming that the tensions between the US and Mexico are only set to escalate after a diplomatically volatile day, in which president Pena Nieto unexpectedly pulled out of his Jan. 31 meeting with the US president, prompting the White House to first suggest it could impose a 20% border tax on Mexican imports, only to back off from the statement hours later, moments ago Trump tweeted that “Mexico has taken advantage of the U.S. for long enough. Massive trade deficits & little help on the very weak border must change, NOW!” Follow Donald J. Trump ✔@realDonaldTrump MexicoRead More →

Submitted by Charles Hugh-Smith via OfTwoMinds blog, Meanwhile, back in reality, household income for the bottom 95% has declined while the owners of capital and their privileged, protected servants in the Establishment have gorged themselves on private wealth. As noted yesterday in The Collapse of the Left, the working class has finally awakened to the Left’s betrayal and abandonment of labor in favor of the protected privileges of the elitist Establishment. I also described the Left’s Great Con: To mask the collapse of the Left’s economic defense of labor, the Left has substituted social justice movements for economic opportunities and security. This has succeeded brilliantly,Read More →

In Blow To Theresa May, UK Supreme Court Rules Parliament Must Vote Before Brexit Can Start In a blow to Theresa May’s ambitions to implement a “clean Brexit”, on Tuesday morning UK’s Supreme Court ruled the UK Prime Minister can’t start the Brexit process without approval from Parliament, a decision that could potentially complicate her path toward a clear break from the European Union. Eight justices voted against the government and three voted in favor of it, in a decision that was widely expected. The case had been brought by a group of British citizens opposed to Brexit with the help of some of theRead More →

In order to sidestep and avoid Democratic obstruction with a Trump Supreme Court nominee; are you in favor of the Senate employing the “Constitutional Option” or Nuclear Option”?? The nuclear or constitutional option is a parliamentary procedure that allows the U.S. Senate to override a rule or precedent by a simple majority of 51 votes, instead of by a supermajority of 60 votes. The presiding officer of the United States Senate rules that the validity of a Senate rule or precedent is a constitutional question. They immediately put the issue to the full Senate, which decides by majority vote. The procedure thus allows the Senate toRead More →

Submitted by Charles Hugh-Smith via OfTwoMinds blog, The Left is not just in disarray- – it is in complete collapse because the working class has awakened to the Left’s betrayal and abandonment of the working class in favor of building personal wealth and power. The source of the angry angst rippling through the Democratic Party’s progressive camp is not President Trump–it’s the complete collapse of the Left globally. To understand this collapse, we turn (once again) to Marx’s profound understanding of the state and capitalism. We turn not to the cultural Marxism that is passingly familiar to Americans, but to Marx’s core economic analysis, whichRead More →

The $7 billion school improvement grant program: Greatest failure in the history of the US Department of Education? Education Font SizeAA The final IES report on the School Improvement Grant program is devastating to Arne Duncan’s and the Obama administration’s education legacy. A major evaluation commissioned by the U.S. Department of Education and conducted by two highly respected research institutions delivered a crushing verdict: The program failed and failed badly. (The Washington Post’s article by Emma Brown does an exceptional job recounting the administration’s $7 billion folly.) Arne Duncan. REUTERS/Jeff Haynes. Despite its gargantuan price tag, SIG generated no academic gains for the students itRead More →

Submitted by Johnny Kampis via The Foundation for Economic Education, Migration patterns for 2016 show that Americans tended to move away from high-tax states and into states where residents keep more of what they earn. United Van Lines, the nation’s largest moving company, recently released its annual movers study report showing that South Dakota overtook Oregon as the top inbound destination. Generally, more people moved toward the West, and states in the Northeast saw the largest exodus of residents. The top four outbound states in 2016, in order, were New Jersey, Illinois, New York, and Connecticut. (Photo: Tax Foundation) The Tax Foundation pointed out inRead More →