Submitted by Simon Black via, Less than a week after India’s surprise move to scrap its highest denomination cash notes, another front in the War on Cash has intensified down under in Australia. Yesterday, banking giant UBS proposed that eliminating Australia’s $100 and $50 bills would be “good for the economy and good for the banks.” (How convenient that a bank would propose something that’s good for banks!) This isn’t the first time that the financial establishment has pushed for a cashless society in Australia (or anywhere else). In September 2015, Australian bank Westpac published its “Cash Free Report”, suggesting that the country wouldRead More →

Submitted by Jayant Bhandari via, Chaos in the Wake of the Ban Here is a link to Part 1, about what happened in the first two days after India’s government made Rs 500 (~$7.50) and Rs 1,000 (~$15) banknotes illegal. They can now only be converted to Rs 100 (~$1.50) or lower denomination notes, at bank branches or post offices. Banks were closed the first day after the decision. What follows is the crux of what has happened over the subsequent four days. Today India is on the verge of a major social-political crisis, unless either the government backs off from the decision ofRead More →

Ron Emanuel, As The Mayor Of Chicago, The Mulder Capital Of The Free World, Shows The World Just How Ignorant He Is. Putting His Own Erroneous Political View Ahead Of The Rule Of Law As He Reaches Out To Illegal Criminal Immigrants To Seek Sanctuary In His Killing Fields. Hard To Imagine A Bigger Failure Than Ron. Hard To Imagine Someone More Wrong. Unless You Imagine Obama… Most Of Those illegal Criminals Probably Will Stay Where They Are As It Is Safer And Less Likely That They Are Caught And Deported Than Murdered In Ron’s Sanctuary City Chicago….Read More →

The Democratic party is the party of ever increasing government and wealth redistribution. Fueled by the extortion of taxes, they purchase votes with mana from the state.  Approximately 122.500.000 individuals are the recipient of means tested funds provided by the government. Another approximate 22,500,000 individuals are employed by Federal, State and Local government.  That makes 145,000,000 million Americans dependent on Government for all or part of their existence. According to BLS there are approximately 125,000,000 million Americans designated full time employees. As it stands currently, there is a greater number of people receiving money from a smaller number of people.  Regardless of any morality or emotionRead More →

Submitted by Chris Hamilton via Econimica blog, GDP Without the Debt Incurred Is Just A Gross Distortion GDP or gross domestic product is the big lie used by politicians because it neatly avoids the debt undertaken to achieve it’s purported growth.  The chart below shows annual US GDP growth back to 1980. However, the chart below shows both sides of the equation…the annual GDP growth and the annual federal debt incurred, spent, and (thus counted as part of the growth) to achieve the purported growth. Below, annual GDP minus the annual growth in federal debt to achieve that “GDP growth”.  The last eight years were abysmal and 2016 theRead More →

The shock and disbelief of Democrats and Liberals across the country is astonishing. Apparently they had bought into the lies that the Major Media (ABC, CBS, NBC , CNN, NYT, WP) were emitting as the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party. Unfortunately, in an effort to persuade the citizens and influence the election, too progressives, the propaganda became truth.  When your sole source of information is derived from cheating liars in the bag for a political party you are misinformed. When you want those lies to be true you become blinded to the facts. I listened to pundits question how the population could ignore aRead More →