Some Facts That Explain How A Violence Inciting Criminal Candidate Could Garner More Votes In The Popular Election!

The Democratic party is the party of ever increasing government and wealth redistribution. Fueled by the extortion of taxes, they purchase votes with mana from the state.  Approximately 122.500.000 individuals are the recipient of means tested funds provided by the government. Another approximate 22,500,000 individuals are employed by Federal, State and Local government.  That makes 145,000,000 million Americans dependent on Government for all or part of their existence. According to BLS there are approximately 125,000,000 million Americans designated full time employees. As it stands currently, there is a greater number of people receiving money from a smaller number of people.  Regardless of any morality or emotion this condition can not continue and certainly can not become more unbalanced. Obviously the parasite can not consume more than the host can produce in excess of its needs!!!