Democrats And Liberals Shocked! That Is What Happens When You Believe Your Own Lies!

The shock and disbelief of Democrats and Liberals across the country is astonishing. Apparently they had bought into the lies that the Major Media (ABC, CBS, NBC , CNN, NYT, WP) were emitting as the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party. Unfortunately, in an effort to persuade the citizens and influence the election, too progressives, the propaganda became truth.  When your sole source of information is derived from cheating liars in the bag for a political party you are misinformed. When you want those lies to be true you become blinded to the facts. I listened to pundits question how the population could ignore a president with an above 54% approval rating, how his legacy could be so rejected. Well that 54% approval rating is taken by the same pollsters who told us one week ago that Hillary was 12% ahead of Trump. Its is a lie, a skewed false hood! In their effort to dissuade and suppress Republican voter turnout their lies were swallowed by the kool aid drinking uninformed. The liberal propaganda arm of the Democratic Party kept telling their lies. Unemployment is 4.8 % they tell us. A lie. How could we have 4% unemployment with 24-54 year olds percent employed at only 81% . True unemployment is approximately 9%. They told us that the disaster, job destroying ponzi scam, called Obamacare was a success that needed a little tweaking. They lied to you.. It is a disaster and needs to be repealed.

The truth is ugly right now. The economy is being floated with massive amounts of borrowed money. For years the same media told you it was OK to run these deficits. It is not. Stealing from your child’s future is not a responsible way to proceed. I am not going to lie to you. If Trump attempts to correct the current path too destruction that America has been on for the last 40 years, there is going to be great pain.  Before we can set things on a sustainable path we will have to face reality. Socialism does not work and ends with totalitarianism. Last night it was rejected…

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