Why I Will Vote For Hillary Clinton!

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Amoral; Hillary, volunteered, as a favor, to defend the 41 year old brutal rapist of an innocent 12 year old girl. Disregarding her obligation as an officer of the court to see that justice is served, she used a technicality to withhold evidence that proved what she already knew, that her client was guilty. Hillary went as far as to suggest that the 12 year old girl seduced the 41 year old man that brutalized her and left her for dead..You have to love that kind of inhumanity.. You know it was her job, like it was the NAZI guards jobs at Auschwitz to make sure Jews were put in gas chambers. You can hear her gloat over her achievement (1:05) in the linked taped.(https://youtu.be/Tor00iWUhDQ)

Supports Black Lives Matter; Hillary supports BLM, you know the group that chants ” What do we want? Pigs in a blanket frying like bacon”, I’ll vote for anyone who supports and encourages the killing of policemen!

Pro Choice; Hillary supports a woman’s right to choose to murder her unborn child right up to her delivery date; she does not support a woman’s right to send her borne child to a better school of her choice, why should a woman be free to choose something like that which is good for her child?

Experience; Hillary has the experience. She was a failed NY senator that promised to create 250,000 jobs in New York, but actually lost jobs. She did vote for the Iraqi war and bank bailout, you know where the criminal banks that defrauded mortgage clients and then made risky investments, with client deposits, basically gambling with their money, because her husband removed Glass Stegal. They went broke. She voted to bail them out.

Experience; Hillary was Secretary of State. She almost single handily created the enormous mess that has caused the suffering and death of millions…Against all intelligent advice she advocated the withdrawal of US troops in Iraq causing the vacuum that ISIS filled..She had Qaddafi killed with out a plan for the aftermath..You have to respect such crass arrogance and ignorance…

Sociopath; Hillary is a certified sociopath, just listen to her laugh when recounting how she killed Qaddafi..“we came, we saw, he died,,hahahahah” Not a statesman like response to killing,, pretty scary huh…

Supreme Court; Hillary will appoint more racist like Sotomayor (” I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn’t lived that life.”) to degrade the constitution and because we need more racial divide in the country.

She Has A Vagina:

Anti Democracy; Where do you start. She colluded with Wassermann Schultz and the DNC to rig and steal the election from Bernie Sanders. Who needs elections when you are entitled…

Good Strategic Planner;  Hillary has proved she is a good planner. She installed her own private email server rather than use the State Department server that would keep all her emails safe for the Freedom Of Information Act. See how smart she was. She knew that her bribe taking and influence “pay to play”  peddling with her Clinton Foundation and Secretary of State Status, would lead to justice department request for government emails. She now could make them disappear and bleach bit them,something she would not be able to do if she did not have her own server..smart huh!!

Great Deal Maker; She amassed a family fortune of over $150 million as a government official!!! How? She sold things like 20% of US uranium to the Russians for a cool $145 million. That’s right as Secretary of State she sold something she did not own, a strategic metal to the Russians…

Suspense; I love suspense! With Hillary you never know what you are really going to get. Are you going to get what the Public Hillary says or are you going to get what the large donors are told, you know the Too Big To Fail Banks That Own Hillary, are you going to get what Private Hillary promises to them!! Can’t wait to find out!!!

Bravery; You know she wants to increase the amount of refugees we take in even after admitting we can not vet them!. How brave is that! Importing terrorist to assuage her guilt at the mess she created in the Middle East while putting my children at risk…

Good Under Pressure; Hillary is able to look you straight in the eye and tell you the most unbelievable lies!!  Amazing!

She Is A Socialist; She wants the state to take care of everything!! I love being a mindless sheep.

Cold Blooded; She has the ability to look the mother of a dead soldier in the face and lie to her about the reason her son died!!! Wow!! She told them that their son died as a result of some creepy gang being upset at a video. She lied to the mother and me! She had to lie; otherwise you and I would know that those soldier were left to die so that you and I were not aware that we were at war with ISIS. It was not important to Hillary that you and I knew of the real threat of Islamic terrorism, it was more important to her that her political ambitions were not harmed by her policy failures in the Middle East. She told her daughter the truth though, you know important people not you and I.

Cunning; An amazing ability to avoid prosecution for obvious criminal activity; Obstructing Justice, emails destroyed after congressional request, criminal miss use of government emails, sending and receiving confidential emails on unsecured servers, I guess when you give the wife of the person in the FBI in charge of the investigation $700,000, you get that kind of treatment..Not to mention whatever deal your husband made on the tarmac with the Attorney General !!

Knows The Constitution; 5 That’s right FIVE of her aids were granted immunity and took the 5th Amendment!! Immunity from what?? What was the crime from which you need immunity protection!! you have to love it….

She Is A Tyrant; Hillary has successfully employed NAZI tactics by inciting violence at her opponents political rallies shutting them down and depriving them of their first amendment rights of free speech..That’s right violence, she did not care if your or my kids were hurt,, I just love dictators and political change through the barrel of a gun!!!! link: https://youtu.be/EEQvsK5w-jY

All Of the above:

Did I mention she has a Vagina: