Hillary Is The New Hitler.. The Recent Violence Against Republicans Is Right Out Of Hitlers Propaganda Play Book Of Dehumanization!

The recent bombings and hate speech attacks of Republican campaign offices are a direct result of Hillary Clinton’s dehumanization of her Republican political adversary’s. Hillary has duplicated the propaganda Hitler and the Nazi’s employed in creating a negative sub human image of “Jews” and applied that strategy against Republicans. Her use of the terms “deplorable and irredeemable” are meant to dehumanize Republicans, making them seem different and disgusting.  These term are meant to cause the Democrats to suppose that they have a superior morality to the “deplorable” Republicans who are therefore not as human as Democrats. The desired effect of the Nazi’s was achieved and resulted in violence, humiliation, and persecution of Jews.  The recent vandalism against Republicans is now evidence that Hillary Clinton’s intended affects are coming to fruition.

To reduce humans to worthless “irredeemable” creatures is something that should never happen. The Nazis preached that Jews must be excluded from the whole society. They used the media to teach and project a distorted image of the Jews. These effects of the propaganda directly resulted in the Holocaust. Hitler was able to gain widespread support for World War II by using the Jewish population as a scapegoat. Hillary is seeking to win election by labeling people who disagree with her socialism, as racist, xenophobic, bigots.  If you do not believe that the state should run health care you are a bigot. If you believe that your country should have strong borders and immigration laws should be followed, you are a racist. If you believe that America can be humanitarian by providing aid to Islamic refugees in safe zones outside of the country because as Hillary stated, “they can not be vetted” , instead of taking them into the country and increasing the danger to U.S. citizens, then you are xenophobic. You see you are not a concerned human who believes that socialism will be disastrous, you are “a deplorable”!

The Nazi regime used propaganda lies dehumanizing the Jews. Hillary Clinton has used the major media to dehumanize the “deplorable and irredeemable” . When a leader uses dehumanization of the enemy, their country falls into a mindset of pure hate for the enemy. Hillary is using this hate to motivate and mobilize “her people”. Her people, those that are with her, Democrats,  are far more willing, whether they know all the facts or not to back up their leaders. Propaganda wins by capturing the minds of a population and causing them to believe the lies their leaders tell them about their enemy. Dehumanization allows the believers of that propaganda, allows Hillary supporters to commit acts of violence !  Hillary is the new Hitler…