Amoral Hillary Clinton!

Take a moment! What would it take for you, as a woman, to volunteer to defend a 41 year old man who brutally raped a little 12 year old girl. What would it take to use a technicality to get him off! What type of conscience would you need to posses? What would have to be in your Heart? Hillary Clinton volunteered to do just that and was able to chuckle about her success.!! The major media through their “fact checker”  have lied about her involvement.  They have attempted to claim she had no choice. That is a lie.  You can hear from her own mouth that she was asked to defend the child rapist as a favor! (1:06). She accepted. She volunteered! Next the media tries to explain that it was her job as a defense attorney. That also falls short. As a defense attorney you can choose to defend who ever you want. You can pursue any method. When presented with proof that your client is guilty, as an officer of the court, you have a moral and ethical responsibility to see that justice is served!

As a child you expect the adults in your life to protect you.  You do not expect to have your innocence shattered and stolen by a vicious animal as you are brutally raped! Scarred for life!.When that animal is apprehended and put on trial you once again expect to be defended. You do not expect to be re raped by the defense lawyer. You do not expect your innocence to once again be stolen this time by a woman. A heartless lawyer using a technicality to set the man who brutalized you free. Can you imagine being the mother of that girl. To witness and feel the injustice first hand!!

Captured Nazi henchmen at the Nuremberg trials  tried to exonerate themselves by explaining they were flowing orders, that it was their job to put humans into gas chambers! We correctly hung them!!  I want you to imagine that you are that 12 year old girl. Hillary had a human responsibility to see that both the girl and the rapist received JUSTICE. It was the only MORAL option!

Hillary Clinton is AMORAL!!