Amoral Hillary Clinton!

The death of a child is the hardest, most devastating event that could ever happen to a parent. The need to understand how and why it happened is overwhelming. The need to make sense of it is all consuming. When your son makes the ultimate sacrifice for his country, as his mother you are entitled to know why? You are at least owed an explanation as to why his plea for help was ignored. Why he was abandoned by his country and left to be massacred all alone when it was possible to rescue him!  As his mom an explanation of the decision to not rescue your boy needs to be forthcoming. You need to understand why, what was the nature of the attack that made his death unavoidable, a necessity. As his mother you are owed the TRUTH.

What type of woman would look that grieving mother directly in the eye and lie to her! What type of heart is necessary to deny that mother the truth? What type of amoral human being would mislead that grief stricken woman to believe that the death of her baby boy was unavoidable when it was not? Hillary Clinton lied to the mother of the Benghazi soldiers not to protect them from the horrible truth, she lied to those mothers to protect Hillary Clinton’s future political aspirations.  That’s right, your son was not rescued because it was impossible to rescue him, he was not rescued because it would hurt Hillary Clinton’s future run for president!  If you were told the TRUTH then everyone would know that Hillary’s failed policies in Libya and Iraq led to the emergence and growth of ISIS.  You and everyone would know that the attack on the embassy that killed your boy was not carried out by a bunch of crazy video insulted Muslim gangsters. Hillary knew who perpetrated the murder of your son, she told her daughter the truth, not you.  To you she lied, and then lied about lying to you. To Hillary, her future run for president was more important than you and the American people knowing that we were at war with the political Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.   What type of woman puts her political future ahead of the life of your boy? What type of human puts their self interest ahead of the safety of a nation? The same type of woman who makes sure she has a private email server that puts national top secretes at risk. The same type of woman who volunteers to get the 40 year old brutal rapist of a little 12 year old girl off on a technicality.. Amoral Hillary Clinton!!



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