Pay To Play At Clinton State Department? Clinton Foundation CEO Says “there is no question there were phone calls made to get appointments for people,”


It seems that the arrogance of Bill and Hillary Clinton has completely destroyed their sense of propriety.

During an interview with the CEO of the CF, Mitchell asked about business people gaining special access to Clinton and the State Department, Shalala responded, “There were also business people. No question.”

So if you donated to the Clinton Foundation, the Foundation would on your behest call the State Department and the office of Hillary Clinton to secure for you an appointment with the United States Secretary of State.  This was above and beyond what would be available to you if you were not a donor!

Simply Pay to Play! Pay to Play does not mean the participant always wins!  It means he gets an opportunity that someone else, a competitor does not!!!

You were rewarded the opportunity to make your case. Weather or not that special access and the fact that you were a major money contributor to the Clinton’s had something to do with any of the Secretary of States decisions can only be known to her.The people of America can never know if those decisions were in their best interest or in the best interest of Hillary and Bill. What I do know is that business people tend to spend their hard earned money wisely!!! That is why Pay to Play participation renders the former Secretary of State unfit to be president.