Death To America Funded By Obama and Clinton..

Death To America Funded By Obama and Clinton..
Obama just paid the largest ransom in history and gave the largest terrorist operation in the world IRAN $1.7 billion in cash to fund the murder of innocents worldwide..This is money given to a country who’s leader shouts “Death to America” ! Wonder how much of that cash got kicked back,,,Why cash???
Iran’s supreme leader screams ‘Death to America’ amid ongoing nuclear talks
When the congregation broke out with an impromptu “Death to America” chant, Khamenei couldn’t help but chime in.
I have heard Liberals, Democrats, and Obama apologist make the excuse that it was “Their Money” as if the revolution and the storming of the embassy (an act of war) was not enough to void their claim.. How about the holding of hostages and most of all the massacre of the Marines in Lebanon while they slept.!! If that was not enough to void Iran’s claim, surely we could state that civil and punitive damages above and beyond the amount they sought would make their claim moot..
Common sense dictates not one dime should have been sent top Iran…If you encounter some one in the street that has attacked and caused damage to you in the past and has currently sworn death to you and he drops his gun at your feet and then demands that you return it to him because it is his do you pick up the weapon and hand it to him???????

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