Hey Democrats, Meet The New Boss Same As The Old Boss.

Getting Fooled Again! Meet The New Boss Same As The Old Boss!

The Grand Illusion!

The deceit of the Democratic Party establishment, or should I say Hillary’s Party, has been exposed. Democrats, those not in the know, those not affiliated with the banking cartel, were under the impression that you resided in a democracy, that your will and your vote would weigh equally and be counted fairly. You were lied too and fooled. As you worked to get your voice heard, as you demonstrated against the power of the banks, as you Occupied Wall Street , Hillary and her minions at the DNC worked diligently to disenfranchise you for the benefit of those very same Power and Money Elite. Your vote was discounted by the too big to fail banks. Jamie Dimon, Llyod blankfein and George Soros OWN Hillary Clinton. Hillary has taken many millions, approximately $21 million from her owners. This Money and Power Cartel dictated who would be your candidate. They lied almost as often as Hillary. They pretended it was a fair and honest choice. Bernie and and his followers knew that the existence of super delegates alone was an indication of the authoritarian and tyrannical nature of the Democratic party. However, just the Super Delegates alone were not enough. Now you learn just how low your party has sunk. Race and religion were to be used against one of their own in the same manner that the DNC uses them against the other party.  As the details slowly unfold the putrid odor of rot that is represented by Hillary Clinton rises.

The criminal banking cartel, The Federal Reserve and the member banks that own that private for profit institution, have invested millions and millions of dollars to buy Hillary Clinton.  We know she did not come cheap. Make no mistake that they are criminal :::

Goldman Sachs Agrees to Pay More than $5 Billion in Connection with Its Sale of Residential Mortgage Backed Securities

JPMorgan whistleblower gets $63.9 million in mortgage fraud deal

Citigroup to pay $425 million over attempted interest rate manipulation.


These are only recent crimes. Google these organizations and you will find decades of similar crimes, a RICO wet dream.  Why aren’t the leaders of these organizations held responsible for their crimes? Why are they not Jailed? The answer is simple. Follow the money. It is the same answer as to why Hillary has been allowed to walk away from her obvious crime. She is one of the elite by virtue of money and political power. The corner drug dealer goes to jail, the organized crime boss goes to jail. These CEO’s of criminal organizations get to extract $25 million a year from ill gotten loot. Hillary has had these criminals backs for years. She voted for the bailout that ensured that Dimon and Blnkfein could remain in power of their mob.  She voted for NAFTA an agreement that sent millions of jobs overseas for the benefit of international corporations. Hillary pretends to be for you when she is for them.  Debbie Wasserman Shultz was Hillary s hit man at DNC. Now that Wassermasn has been exposed for what she is, Hillary has rewarded her with control of her campaign. How arrogant can you get. I guess when you have the FBI and DOJ working in your corner you feel you are above the law, you no longer feel the need to pretend. Your disdain for the people who would still support you no longer needs to be hidden.








When the Republican elites, those owned by wall street tried to force us to take Bush III , the return of thee Walking Dead Romney we said no,  than they even tried with Cruz, someone they disliked  but who was controllable as hiss wife works for Goldman. They tried everything to discredit and derail Trump, because he was going to put middle class needs above Elite greed!!!!  It is time for all of us to unite against those that work against US.