Ted Drinks The Arsenic Trump Hands Him.

The Thought Crucible
Ted Cruz is a selfish, arrogant, coward. First, he was my initial choice as candidate as his political views align more with mine. However, the election and re-election of Barack Obama indicates that the populace of this country has moved so far left that it was willing to elect a man that has goals that are diametrically opposed to those that built this country. Obama is helping to destroy the culture that nourished our freedoms. We will not be able to take the pendulum that has swung so far left and place it where it belongs in one election cycle. The fact that Cruz was soundly beaten in the Republican party by Trump shows that the sane conservative people of this nation realize that the current Obama Clinton course will lead to the end of the country as imagined by the founders and must be stopped. In this environment, Cruz is un electable. He would and could not win.. On the battlefield where we are fighting for the survival of our culture Cruz had a choice to rally behind the current general and battle the forces of evil as represented by Hillary Clinton. His concerns that the current general may not be what he thinks is the perfect general led Cruz to abandon his fellow men. Cruz retreated. He left you and I in our fox holes alone not caring of the consequences if we are over run.He went AWOL. Just as Hillary abandoned our men in Benghazi to fend for themselves Ted Cruz , knowing that his action would weaken our efforts to fight off the horrible liberal progressive horde thought only of himself . Any aspirations he has to be president in 2020 died last night with his cowardly selfish retreat.
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