Commonsense and Rational Thought Regarding Gun Control In Light Of Recent Orlando Tragedy

As usual the tyrannical progressive liberal Democrats are attempting to use the recent tragedy in Orlando to limit and or rescind Americans Second Amendment Constitutional Right to bear arms.

This is an attempt to mitigate your ability to protect yourself from external and internal threats to your property and Life. This is an attempt to make you more reliant on the Government and those that run it.

Let’s take a moment and rationally analyze the situation.

An Islamic Terrorist obtains an assault rifle and guns down 49 human beings in a night club in Orlando.  This was a gun free zone. Democrats immediately complain about the ease of obtaining weapons in the USA.

Is this rational do they have a point? Would the absence of the second amendment have made this tragedy unlikely or impossible? The answer is no. The facts prove differently.

The Orlando massacre is very similar to the tragedy at Bataclan concert hall in Paris last Nov. 13. How could that tragedy have occurred? There is no right to bear arms for the French, and to own a gun, you need a hunting or sporting license which needs to be repeatedly renewed and requires a psychological evaluation. So the issue is not your Second Amendment right to protect yourself. The issue is to realize that there are evil people who want your demise. Putting your head in the sand and just wishing things were nicer is a childish attitude. Blaming an inanimate object employed by an evil person with your harm as his intent is immature. One can’t imagine that the tragedies in both Bataclan and Orlando would not have been cut short or limited if 10% of those in attendance were carrying a firearm and had the ability to defend themselves.


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