It’s Time To Slap This Arrogant Ass In The Face: Trump-Hater Bill Kristol “Just a heads up over this holiday weekend: There will be an independent candidate”

This Ego Maniac had his pride injured when the Republican Party, conservatives and moderates alike, rallied behind Donald Trump, against his better judgement, because they realized that the Nation is in a perilous position and the continuation of socialist policies championed by the criminal Hillary Clinton can not be allowed to continue. Rather than help defeat the enemy of the state, he is setting on a vindictive course with the only aim of denying Trump and those that do not value Kristol’s opinion above the security of the Nation. I call on every concerned conservative and Republican to cancel their subscription to his The Weekly Standard. What an Irony that this self absorbed narcissist chose Memorial Weekend to put his ego above the security of the Nation.

Pleas Like This Page and Encourage Your Conservative Friends To Take Action To Stop This Move By Canceling Their The Weekly Standard Subscription.




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