Democratic Party In The Process Of Destroying Bernie Sanders And The Division He Represents.

The divided Democratic Party is in the process of destroying Bernie Sanders and the division he represents.

In April last year a local Vermont news publication revealed that the Justice Department was looking into the possibility that Jane O’Meara Sanders – the wife of Bernie Sanders and former president of Vermont’s Burlington College – had previously made questionable financial disclosures in order to secure a loan for the liberal arts school she headed.

It was alleged that in seeking a $10 million loan in order to execute her plan of expanding the college, O’Meara Sanders inflated $2 million that she said donors had promised to repay the loans for the land purchase.

It has also been alleged that Bernie Sanders – who was the former mayor of Burlington – used his Senatorial office to help move the loan along. In May 2016, after securing the loan, the college was forced to close citing the “crushing weight of debt.”


This will be presented to the masses by the Fake News propagandist as Republicans attacking a Democrat.  Have no doubt that the Republicans love the fact that Bernie divided the Democratic Party to the point that many Democrats refused to vote for Hillary Clinton.. I guess Bernie should be grateful that so far the action has only been a character assassination!!


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