Why If You Are Truly A Liberal, Flynn’s Forced Resignation Should Horrify You!

If you are celebrating the political damage Flynn’s resignation represents to President Trump, you should rethink what just happened.

The attack and plan to remove Flynn, the so called investigation conducted by the CIA, FBI, and NSA, began as soon as it was apparent that Flynn would be NSA Advisor.

Flynn was the spear point to Trump’s national security policy. He was charged with and was enthusiastically about to attempt to reform the US Intelligence Community. The groups that gave us Weapons of Mass Destruction, ISIS, and decades  of Global American military adventurism.. They represent the Military – Industrial Complex Eisenhower warned us about. He was about to reform this bloated self interested cancerous mass in the body of America’s politics.  He was about to restore ultimate power and authority from the CIA and the Pentagon back to the office of the President. Flynn and Trump desire to truly work with Russia, not just lip service or comical reset buttons, but to truly normalize relations and work upon our common interest.  That could not be allowed to happen, That would sap power and influence from the Neo-Cons and that Military -Industrial Complex. There was too much money and too much power at risk.

Trump has been handed a great defeat.. America has been handed a great defeat! Trump should have refused Flynn’s resignation. Instead he should have fired those who dared cook up these ridiculous accusations against Flynn. Trump will now be forced to stand alone and face the faction that wants war. The faction that wants to continuously feed the industrial military complex. Those bought and owned by this complex will remain in control of our country.

When you see Pelosi, Ryann, Cummings and McCain aligned on the same side of this issue, you need to question what is happening. When you see the deep state, leaking information designed to protect the deep state, you need to pay attention.  The Neo-Con controlled establishment , just held a successful coup d’etat, are you celebrating???