If the Democrats want to purge their history of fighting to preserve slavery by tearing down statues of prior heroes, that is their prerogative in their communities. It makes one pause though, like watching a book burning. Is it a prerequisite?  As they drag the nation toward Socialism and the slavery to the state that that political system represents it brings to mind; “Those that do not know their history are doomed to repeat it.”  Read More →

Patient health insurance is also shifting from more lucrative plans to government ones Getty Images By EMMACOURT REPORTER Hospital operators haven’t been having a particularly good time in recent months. Hospital operator HCA Healthcare Inc. HCA, -0.63% reported a dismal second quarter last week, complete with profit and revenue misses and a cut to its earnings-per-share outlook for the year. HCA stock dropped and the malaise quickly spread to its rivals, with shares of Tenet Healthcare Corp. THC, -0.23% LifePoint Health Inc. LPNT, +1.60% and Community Health Systems Inc. CYH, -3.50%  also falling. Then, on Tuesday, LifePoint Health reported a second-quarter revenue miss. Although the company beat on profit, Wall Street analysts pointed out soft volume and poorRead More →

Murray N. Rothbard The Whiskey Rebellion: A Model for Our Time? In recent years, Americans have been subjected to a concerted assault upon their national symbols, holidays, and anniversaries. Washington’s Birthday has been forgotten, and Christopher Columbus has been denigrated as an evil Euro-White male, while new and obscure anniversary celebrations have been foisted upon us. New heroes have been manufactured to represent “oppressed groups” and paraded before us for our titillation. There is nothing wrong, however, with the process of uncovering important and buried facts about our past. In particular, there is one widespread group of the oppressed that are still and increasingly denigratedRead More →

For any UAW employees out there who still think their union is anything more than a ponzi scheme designed to effectively tax membership while enriching a few ‘bosses’ at the top of the pyramid, you should probably take note of a federal indictment that was filed late last week alleging that Chrysler executives conspired with UAW leaders to siphon millions in funds earmarked for employee training to line their own pockets. As Automotive News points out, as of now, only two Chrysler employees have been charged but the indictment lays out a scenario in which many more charges could be levied against Chrysler employees and other high-rankingRead More →