The Thought Crucible Which Party’s economics more closely resembles Russian economics? Which Party turned over half of Europe to Russia after WWII ? Which Party called for the unilateral disarmament of the USA? Which Party’s presidential candidate sought KGB help because he was ” “very troubled” by U.S.-Soviet relations, which he said was due to “Reagan” ? Which Party’s President said he would be “more flexible” after the elections? Which Party oversaw the transfer of 20 percent of US Uranium to Russia? Which Party’s candidate’s CF received $145 million from Russian agents? Which Party’s former president and husband of a presidential candidate received $500,000 for aRead More →

If Russian Hacking Of The 2016 Presidential Election Is The Threat To America That Democrats Suggest, Why Does The DNC Fail To Cooperate With Investigators?   (see: DNC Server: Most Critical Evidence To Proving “Russian Hacking” Is Being Withheld From Mueller, Why?).  If Russia did “hack the election”, then the evidence could very well be on that server. If the DNC is in possession of actual evidence that could prove that Russians hacked their servers!  Did Russia attempt to undermine Hillary Clinton. If so then why not share that evidence with investigators? Maybe this failure to cooperate has something to do with the “purely coincidental’ meetingRead More →